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Why You Should Choose Sliding Wardrobe Doors Over Hinged

Choosing the right wardrobe style should be a top priority for anyone looking to refresh or furnish a bedroom. This is because it can not only add or detract from the aesthetics of your room but it also has an important functional role in your daily life.

So, the question comes down to which wardrobe design should you choose, sliding or hinged? Well, they both have pros and cons depending on what you are looking for so we’ve put them together in the infographic below to help you make an informed decision between the two. 



Benefits of Sliding Wardrobe Doors

  • Saves space: Sliding wardrobe doors are ideal if you have limited room space as they open sideways, not requiring any previous space clearance. But this doesn’t mean that they aren’t suitable for spacious bedrooms. In fact, because this type of door doesn’t have hinges you can install doors of over 600mm.
  • Give your bedroom a timeless modern look: there is nothing like a sliding wardrobe to give your bedroom a stunning modern look. A big pro is that they offer a broader selection of material choices including mirrored and coloured glass finishes. At Slide Wardrobes Direct we give you great flexibility so you can customise every aspect of your doors to suit your style. Browse our sliding wardrobes collection and head over to our online designer to create your ideal look.
  • Increases property value: fitting a quality ceiling to floor sliding wardrobe can actually increase the value of your home which will make it more desirable if you intend to sell it in a couple of years.
  • Facilitates internal storage: providing more internal space, you can add plenty of storage accessories to your sliding wardrobe. Get inspired by some of our storage solutions.
  • Make use of every inch of available space: as they go wall to wall and floor to ceiling you can make use of every single inch of space. The sky’s the limit.
  • Easy and low-cost installation: any DIYer can easily install sliding wardrobe doors due to their very simplistic design. In fact, our sliding wardrobe doors can be fitted in under 1 hour and they’re made to measure. Check out our fitting guide if you don’t believe us.
  • Eco friendly: in the case of Slide Wardrobes Direct, all our doors are eco friendly as we only use recyclable materials (aluminium/ Glass/ Steel) and all the waste goes back through specialist companies to be recycled. On the other hand, hinged doors are usually made from wood or wood products which negatively impacts the environment.
  • Self cleaning tracks: you might have heard that sliding wardrobe doors need regular track cleaning, however, at Slide Wardrobes Direct, our tracks do not need cleaning as they have a device that hooks down into the bottom tracks and cleans it every time you use the doors.
  • No intermediaries: Our doors are designed by the customer on our website, there are no middlemen, salesperson or designers which helps keep products at a fraction of the cost.

Limitations of Hinged Wardrobe Doors

  • More Space Needed to Open: Although having the option to utilise the corners of your bedroom maximises space, hinged doors also take up a lot more space when opening. This means that you should limit this option to large bedrooms that won’t demand too much space clearance when you open the doors.
  • Door width limited to 600 mm: so not too much weight goes on the hinges, these doors have a limited width of 600mm. Beyond this dimension, the hinges are deemed to strain, resulting in a mechanism failure. 
  • More labour-intensive installation: amateur DIYers should be aware that hinged wardrobe doors are far more challenging to install than sliding wardrobe doors. This is because it involves a lot more precision and fixtures whilst, with sliding wardrobe doors  you just have the tracks and wheels to take care of.
  • A more expensive option: costing several thousands more in manufacturing costs and fitting costs, hinged doors are generally more expensive, specially made to measure ones. 
  • Requires intermediaries: if you’re planning to install a fitted hinged wardrobe door, you will require several intermediaries. This can include a designer and a salesperson in charge of sending out the project’s specifications to a factory which risks costly errors from information being lost in translation.

black and white wardrobe

Have You Made Your choice? Design Your Own Wardrobe!

By now you should have a pretty good idea of what wardrobe door would best suit you and your bedroom space and style. If sliding wardrobe doors have won you over with their sleek design, contemporary look and functionality we can help you take the next step. At Slide Wardrobe Doors we offer bespoke sliding wardrobes with over 2000 combinations available for you to mix and match. You can start designing your own wardrobe with our online designer or check out our range of door styles first.

If you’d like any further help with choosing a wardrobe door style you can give our team a call on 01636 671177 and they’ll be happy to help.