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Your kit will include:

  • 2, 3 or 4 Made to measure doors (fully assembled) 
  • Top & bottom track set (cut to size, matching the door frames) 
  • Wall and bottom liners (pre-selected on the door designer tool) These are optional and can be de-selected, although recommended
  • Softclose included as standard (one for each door) on Metro, Monaco, Eclipse and Icon ranges (optional on Shaker and Linear Ranges)
  • Full fitting instructions

Please note: Please note: screws, and fixings are not included. The system is designed for a top track to fit to your ceiling, there is not top or bottom to the wardrobe. Your ceiling is the top of the wardrobe and your floor is the bottom.

No, If you have a pre-made frame to take the doors and track, you will not need wall and bottom liners. Simply de-select them when you are configuring your doors on the wardrobe design tool and give us the Opening height and Width measurements of the inside of your pre-made frame

We will then make the doors to the measurements supplied, to fit inside your frame.

Wall liners are strips of 18mm thick by 100mm deep x 2800mm long (to be cut to size) Mfc board material in a choice of colours to match your door frames, they run the whole height of the sliding doors, on the walls

Wall liners are pre-selected on the door designer tool. We recommend you use them for the doors to close onto in those situations where skirting board is present impeding the door to close onto the wall. We recommend you cut a section of skirting board 102mm to allow the wall liner to sit against the wall with the skirting butting up to it, we recommend the use of panel adhesive to stick the wall liners to the walls to avoid visible screw heads. If your walls are not straight or parallel, you can pack behind the wall liners to make your opening perfectly plumb. 

If your walls are fairly straight, you have no skirting board or you are using your own liners, you might choose not to use them, Simply De-select the wall liners when configuring your wardrobe. Please note:  this will affect your door width measurements. 

For more information on how to fit the wall liners, please  Download our installation guide.

Bottom liners are strips of 18mm thick x 100mm deep x 2800mm long, Mfc board material. They run the whole bottom width of the sliding wardrobe door opening, between the wall liners. They are designed to run under the bottom track and provide a flat, rigid base for your sliding wardrobe doors to run on. We strongly recommend you use the bottom liners if your bedroom floor is carpeted, or not level.

Fit the bottom liner directly onto the floorboards, level it up by packing underneath if necessary and then butt the carpet up to the bottom liner for a professional finish.

It is not recommended to fit the bottom track directly onto carpet, as this can affect the rigidity of the bottom track and the free running of the doors. For situations where you have solid wood flooring or similar and no carpet, no bottom liner is needed. 

The bottom liners will be pre-selected on the wardrobe designer, If you don't need them because you have a solid flooring i.e wood or laminate, simply de-select them. We will then manufacture your doors to the height you entered without making any deductions. 

Bottom liners are delivered to you 2800mm long, for any wardrobe widths larger than 2800mm we will deliver  two bottom liners for you to join together. 

For more information please download our installation guide

The top track is a double E track which varies in depth depending on door range (this information is also available on each door range overview):

Shaker & Linear E top track:  88.8mm deep (bottom track: 57mm)

Minimalist E top track:   88.8mm deep (bottom track: 71mm)


Monaco top E top track 82mm deep  (bottom track: 65mm)

The bottom track in the above ranges is less deep because the doors overhang the bottom track.

Metro, Eclipse and Icon E top track: 75mm deep (bottom track: 75mm)

Our liners are 100mm deep to allow comfortable room for the tracks and doors to fit within them.  You should always take into consideration the depth of the top track or Liners if used, as this will be the deepest measurement.

We do, in our own factory in Newark, Nottinghamshire (Yes, a real factory, not a virtual one!) We Make your sliding wardrobe doors following strict Quality control. We offer more colour choices that any other competitor because we are the manufacturer of your product, not just a website selling someone Else's products. We also control every aspect of your order. So if you have any special requirements do not hesitate in contacting us

Yes, Vat is included in all the prices displayed in our website at the standard rate of 20%.

You can however view the prices ex Vat by setting the vat toggle or "Off" on our wardrobe designer

We do not offer an installation service. Our made to measure sliding wardrobe door kits come with comprehensive fitting instructions and can be fitted by a competent diyer or your chosen carpenter/ tradesman. 

Every kit is made to measure there is a current lead time of 14-17 days, That is the fastest in the UK we will contact you when your order is ready to arrange delivery.

No, just follow the instructions on the measuring guide, and we will work out all your door measurements for you.

Overall Width: Relates to the opening width taken in two places (at the top & bottom of your opening ) Please enter the LARGEST of the two measurements in the OVERALL WIDTH box, this will ensure your door overlaps are correct.

Overall Height: Please measure your opening height in 3 places (left, centre and right of the opening) and enter the SMALLEST of the three measurements in the OVERALL HEIGHT box when you place your order to avoid the doors being too tight.

No, we do not offer home visits to measure, sell and install our product. 

We SUPPLY ONLY outstanding quality products at affordable prices.

 The process is simple:

  • Measure your space carefully following our measuring guide. 
  • Configure your wardrobe using our Door designer tool, Your price will be shown instantly on screen so no need for salespeople taking up your valuable time, you make your own choices in your own time, place your order online using our 100% secure server. 
  • We deliver your made to measure sliding wardrobe doors to your home. We even give you a 1h delivery slot for your convenience
  • You or your tradesman installs the system following the simple installation guide. The doors are designed for the DIY market with simplicity in mind. Anyone with a few hand tools and competent DIY skills can achieve a professional look.

And don't forget, we are always at the other end of a telephone if you have any queries throughout the process

NO, WE DON'T, we are a busy manufacturing facility where we make all our sliding wardrobe doors.

Please refer to the website information and FAQ's, where you can find answers to most common queries or call our sales office on 01636 671177. Alternatively, use the “contact us” form for more information.

We deliver an outstanding product with a quick turnaround at the best prices in the UK, cutting out the middle man, pushy design/sales people and more importantly costs. 

We use 4mm SAFETY BACKED glass which is painted on the back and features a safety backing film on the painted side (back of the door). The aspect of this film is not perfect and some bubbles may be present. Visual imperfections in the SAFE/SAFE+ safety backing film do not have a negative impact on soft body impact resistance according to EN 12600 or are considered a fault. This safety film is necessary to make the glass, safety glass and it is not visible on the door face.

Please note: Due to the above, we do not recommend the doors to be backlit, as some imperfections in the safety backing may be visible from the front.

All the glass used in the manufacture of our doors is 4mm SAFETY BACKED glass. The coloured glass has also been painted on the back before the safety backing is applied.

The mirror used (available in Plain, Bronzed and Grey) is also safety backed. 

Premium glass is Low-Iron, this is an additional process that makes the glass clear as opposed standard glass which has a very slight green hue to it. Premium (low -iron) glass is mostly used when the backing colours are very delicate, i.e, Pure white, Cashmere, Chalk grey and all those colours where glass clarity is needed. 

Satin glass, is Premium glass that has been acid-etched on the face, giving it a sand-blasted (Satin) finish as opposed to the gloss finish of standard and premium glass.

Yes, We are open, fully operational are running as normal.

We ensure all rules such as strict social distancing, hand sanitation and the use face coverings are strictly adhered to. 

All our deliveries are contactless and running as normal

Deliveries are generally 2-3 weeks from order. 

Should any items be out of stock, we will inform you of any delays, and wherever possible, will offer you an alternative.

For more information about deliveries please see our "Delivery Info" page

You will need to construct a softwood frame to create a top panel for your wardrobe. You must remember that it must not reduce the opening size given when you placed the order for your doors. 

The framework must be in addition to your floor to ceiling given, your top track will fit to the underside of your framework. The framework can then be boarded with plasterboard on the underside and can then be painted to finish.

You are purchasing doors and tracks to fit wall to wall and floor to ceiling.

Unless you have or are purchasing wardrobe interiors, the depth can be whatever you need it to be as you can install the doors and tracks any distance from the back wall.

In situations where you are purchasing wardrobe interiors with drawers from our website, you’ll need to allow a minimum of 520mm from the back wall to the BACK of the top track to allow for the free sliding of the doors.

A total distance of 650mm from the back wall to the FRONT of the track is recommended. Our end panels are 650mm deep for this purpose. However in situations where you have not got that much space, end panels, and shelves can be cut down to allow for narrower depths. Please note that our drawers cannot be reduced in depth

Our end panels are 650mm deep.

The total measurements for the end panels are: 2550mm x 650mm x 18mm. These can be cut down to suit your space.