Parts Shop

Buy furniture parts for our sliding wardrobe interiors. Products include shelf brackets, fixing blocks, wall and bottom liners, hanger bar brackets and more.  

Liners are strips of 18mm thick by 100mm deep x 2800mm long (to be cut to size) made of MFC (melamine-faced chipboard) board material. Wall liners run the whole height of the sliding doors, whilst bottom liners run the whole width of the sliding wardrobe door opening. Although not strictly necessary unless you have carpet on the floor and skirting boards on the wall at floor level , we recommend you use them to ensure you get a professional look and square your opening when ceilings and walls are slightly uneven. Check out our wall and bottom liners, available in a wide range of colours to match your frames.
Yes, to perfectly suit your wardrobe or create two hanging spaces, you can cut down your hanging rail. You’ll just need a pair of bar brackets to attach to the stanchion. Our Premium storage range comes with one 2.5mtr bar and two pairs of brackets whilst spare brackets for Relax line are available here at the part shop.