Wardrobe Interiors

Our wardrobe storage solutions provide a quick and easy way to utilise every inch of your sliding wardrobe interior. From shelving units and shoe racks to drawer towers and clothes hanging solutions, we offer a wide range of wardrobe storage systems that can be combined and customised to suit your lifestyle. Our modular wardrobe systems are available in three different ranges to suit every budget and layout needs. So whether you’re looking for open plan solutions or fitted wardrobe storage you’re bound to find something you love. Browse our Premium Relax and Aura storage systems to find the perfect combination for you. To buy brackets and fixing blocks please visit our parts shop.

We offer three different lines of storage systems to help you create a truly bespoke wardrobe interior. If you’re looking for luxury and superior quality our Premium range is perfect for you. If your wardrobe features awkward spaces and you require the flexibility of endless combinations, we recommend our innovative Aura storage systems. And finally, our Relax solutions were carefully designed with practicality and style in mind to look good in and out of your wardrobe. You can customise your wardrobe interior with any units within these three stunning ranges during the online design process.
The storage system best suited to deal with a sloping ceiling is the Relax system, by using Floor to Ceiling Stanchions here is why:
Sloping Ceilings are at an angle that is not parallel to the floor, this represents a challenge to fix the Relax posts. There are two solutions for this: you can make a block out of soft-wood with a 90 degree angle and an opposite face that matches the angle of your ceiling and then attach this to the slope Or you can purchase some Angle Ceiling Blocks to fix to your slope and to provide a surface parallel to the floor for the stanchions to be attached to. The second challenge is the height, however, Our Relax stanchions can easily be cut down to size by removing the foot (taking out one screw) cutting the post to size and fixing the foot back into place. You can then use shelves, hanging bars drawers etc available in the range as normal.
Relax Hanger bars and the Premium interiors hanger bars can take up to 20kg in weight, Aura hanger bars are telescopic and extend between 700mm- 1300mm wide, They will hold around 12-15 kg at full extension, and 18kg-20kgs when not fully extended (at around 900mm) Pull down hanger bars (Relax or Aura) will hold a maximum weight of 8Kg

Wardrobe Organisers

Having an efficient clothes storage system can help you keep your wardrobe clutter free and make your daily life easier. We offer endless combinations of wardrobe organisers especially designed to provide maximum functionality with a contemporary appeal.

Choose between our range of clever and practical solutions including double hanging options, shelving, sliding racks and pull-down hanging rails to create a stylish walk in wardrobe. Made in the UK with the highest quality materials, our flexible interiors will revolutionise your storage space and create a beautifully organised wardrobe that is truly bespoke to you.

So, whether you want to hang and display your clothes more effectively or just need extra space for suitcases or winter coats you can build a home for everything with our wardrobe internal storage solutions.

At Slide Wardrobes Direct, you can design every element from the look of your sliding wardrobe doors to the drawer units that will brighten up the inside of your wardrobe. Browse our collections and start designing the wardrobe of your dreams today.