• Relax floor to ceiling stanchion
    Relax floor to ceiling stanchion

Relax floor to Ceiling Stanchion

Only £47.92

Relax floor to ceiling stanchion, the same functional stanchion as its Floor to wall counterpart but Relax floor to ceiling stanchion offers added storage height and lends itself particularly well as posts for room dividers, letting the light flow through a room, separating living areas by adding an attractive and functional solution to any storage needs

Suitable to be used as part of a wardrobe storage system but hugely versatile with a whole new range of possibilities as as visually stunning architectural storage throughout the home

Versatility, practicality and style are easy to achieve as the system can be arranged in countless combinations.


  • Extruded anodised aluminium 
  • Patented attachment system
  • Fully adjustable, easily cut to size
  • Easy to install
  • 2700mm high/ 47mm deep/ 30mm (wide)