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Why Choose Mirrored Sliding Wardrobe Doors

When designing your own sliding wardrobe doors one of the choices you’ll get is what finish to have on your doors: mirrored, glass, panelled? In this post, we’ll explore the benefits of choosing a popular glass mirror finish for your wardrobe.

Shaker Mirror Doors – Cashmere Frame & Plain Mirror Single Panel

Enjoy A Full-Length Mirror

A mirrored wardrobe door offers gives you all you need to decide between outfit choices and get dressed in one space. With the ability to have multiple doors mirrored, it can also give you more room in front of a full-length mirror, ideal if you’re sharing!

Sliding Mirrored Wardrobe Doors Free Up More Space

By choosing a sliding mirrored wardrobe door, you remove the additional space required for a traditional hinged wardrobe. This gives you even easier access to your storage system and more foot space in your room.

Modern Linear Wardrobe – Walnut Frame w Plain Mirror Sliding Doors.

Give the Feeling of More Space

Not only do sliding doors give you more space functionally, but by adding a mirrored finish to your doors you can also create the illusion of more open space through reflection and bouncing light. More natural light in your room is great for you and your well-being! Mirrored wardrobe doors also work well in spaces where they can bounce natural light from a window, although we recommend not placing them directly opposite a window. 

Linear Fineline Modern Cashmere Frame w Plain Mirror & Cashmere Board.

Glass Mirror Wardrobe Doors Are Incredibly Stylish

Mirrors are often an integral part of interior design, Feng Shui and room styling. Here at Slide Wardrobes Direct, we not only offer door finishes in a wide range of styles and colours, but our mirrored finish is available in 3 varieties across much of our range.

This amount of choice means you’re sure to find something to fit the aesthetic of your room. Whether you’re looking for the full mirrored practicality of our plain glass mirror, a more minimalistic grey mirror, or something slightly less reflective in our bronzed mirror finish, we have a range of finishes to suit you. 

Wall to Wall Linear Wardrobe – White Frame w Mirror Glass.

Get a Bespoke Fit For your Home

At Slide Wardrobes Direct, all of our wardrobes are made to measure. Our clients can design and buy wardrobes online with very little fuss. The beauty of this is not only can you get a custom size for the space in your room and choose the number of door panels, but you can also tailor your finishes, meaning you can have as many mirrored doors as you wish to suit both you and your decor. Use our online designer to create a glass mirror wardrobe in your perfect height and width today. 


Eclipse Bedroom Wardrobes Extra sideline mirror and Brown Orleans oak
Eclipse Fineline Doors Mirror and fineline Sand Orleans oak middle-panel

Break Up the Reflection

With our online designer, you can even opt for certain parts of each of your door panels to be mirrored, or broken up with your choice of wood effect or gloss panel. This is great if you’re looking for all the benefits of a mirror finish for your wardrobe doors but you don’t want a complete floor to ceiling effect.

Looking to install a high quality, bespoke mirrored sliding wardrobe in your home? Browse our range of door styles here, or simply start designing online.