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Internal Wardrobe Storage For Your Fitted Wardrobes

When selecting the perfect sliding wardrobe doors for your bedroom, something you’ll need to consider is your internal wardrobe storage. Made in the UK, our many interior storage solutions have been designed to help keep your clothes fully organised and your space free from clutter, for more functional, hassle-free living. 

interior wardrobe storage

Modular Wardrobe Storage 

One of the biggest advantages of having fitted wardrobes is the ability to customise what they look like inside. This will allow you to come up with a storage structure to suit you, with easy access to all of your essentials. 

We have endless combinations of shelves, drawer towers, shoe racks and clothes hanging units that can be adjusted and repositioned as you see fit. Even if you want to switch things up later on, we can help you do that too.

Aura storage systems 

Aura storage systems

Innovative and easy to install, our aura storage systems can be customised to suit an ever-changing lifestyle. Space is provided for clothes, shoes and accessories in limitless permutations, with racks, drawers, shelves and all-encompassing storage kits part of an extensive selection. 

Aura interiors are made to fit a range of spaces, so you’ll be sure to find something in your perfect style, finish and colour. 

Standard storage systems 

Keep things simple by taking your pick from our standard collection. Here, you’ll find towers in various heights, alongside the option to include drawers and hanger rails should you so wish. Let your creativity run wild as you bid to make these beautiful internal wardrobe storage solutions your own. Go on, treat yourself! 

Relax storage systems 

Relax storage systemsThe newest addition to our interior range is the opulent relax storage system. Like our standard and aura items, those in the relax collection offer a tasteful solution for keeping all of your clothes tidy and presentable. 

Combining style with practicality, the walnut and linen finishes of the drawers, trouser racks and shelves in this set add an extra element of sophistication to an already dazzling design. It is perfect for those looking to upgrade the look and functionality of their inner wardrobe space.  

Premium internal wardrobe storage 

Real wood birch veneer drawer boxes and soft close Blum Tandem door runners meet stylish glass frameless door fronts for a solution like no other in our stunning premium collection. 

The drawer towers and internal shelving units here come in various lengths, alongside a smart, high-quality hanging rail. Shelves are supplied with two pairs of brackets to create 2 hanging spaces of your desired width, with towers and drawers available in four colours: cashmere, stone grey, oak and white. 

Check out this lavish selection here

Next Steps 

Once you’ve made your choice and submitted your overall design, we’ll get to work creating your sliding doors and interior wardrobe storage system. When they’re ready, they will be delivered directly to your door, with in-depth instructions on how to put everything together. We do not currently provide an installation service, but if you’re struggling, our doors and storage units can be fitted easily by any competent DIYer or tradesperson. 

Remember, you don’t necessarily need to design a complete sliding wardrobe door system to purchase our storage options for your home. Many of these kits, particularly those in the new relax collection, can bring something special to a living room, office space or anything in between. Just take your measurements, as you would when creating your sliding wardrobe, and we’ll supply you with all the parts that you need for the job. 

Modular Wardrobe Storage Design

Internal Wardrobe Storage At Slide Wardrobes Direct 

Our unique modular wardrobe systems give you total control over every aspect of your wardrobe’s layout. They can be switched out with ease and will cover all available space to ensure both functionality and practicality. Whatever you’re looking to organise, you’ll be able to find the best internal wardrobe structure for your requirements at Slide Wardrobes Direct. 

To find out more about our interior storage options, as well as our made-to-measure sliding wardrobe doors, visit our website today.