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Which Wardrobe Range Is Right For Me?

One of our most frequently asked questions is…

What’s the difference between our sliding wardrobe ranges? 

In a few words, the main difference between each range is the material and shape of the sliding door frames (the handles). We manufacture our sliding doors in steel frames (Shaker & Linear) or Aluminium frames (Monaco, Eclipse, Metro & Icon).

Steel frames lend themselves to be “wrapped” in a variety of colours including woodgrains, making these ranges incredibly versatile and available in a huge range of colour combinations. Aluminium frames are beautifully precise and modern, adding rigidity and strength to your doors. Aluminium frames are only available in Anodised (Satin) Silver finish which creates a timeless and luxurious statement, with the exception of the Monaco Range which is also available in White Gloss.

To look at the shape of the door profiles, click on the “MORE INFORMATION” button on each range and then on the “PROFILE VIEW” tab where you can see a 360 degree image of each profile.

Door frame profile view in designer

The common denominator of all our door ranges is the state of the art ball bearing top and bottom wheels which are guaranteed for 12 years to ensure your sliding wardrobe doors glide silently for decades to come.

What’s Your Interior Design Style?

Our bespoke sliding wardrobe doors are available in a wide range of styles and colours so you can design the perfect new wardrobe to match your bedroom interior! We’ve matched our wardrobe ranges with 6 popular interior design styles below to help you get started.

1. If you’re after a traditional look….

Traditional home design board…Check out the Shaker Range!

Our Shaker style wardrobe doors are perfect for a traditional bedroom design. A traditional style features warm rich palettes, symmetry and classic details, often incorporating modern textures alongside traditional wood finishes. The overall look is highly versatile and sophisticated, creating a relaxed space for any sized room.

With the Shaker style wardrobe doors you have the choice of 5 frames and 37 door panels in soft neutral tones. Included are 4 Wood Effect panels – Ferrera Oak, Windsor Oak, Tobacco Walnut and Mild Walnut – as well as 4 Satin Glass options – Pure White, Cashmere, Dakar and Stone Grey.

Shaker Range highlights: 

🔸 Inspired by Shaker style furniture
🔸 37 panels, 5 frames and 8 door styles
🔸 Woodgrain, Neutral & Glass colour options

Design your own traditional wardrobe doors

Traditional wardrobe designs


2. If you’re drawn to a contemporary style…

Contemporary home design board

…Check out the Linear Range!

With the most design options to work with, the Linear range of sliding wardrobe doors is ideal for anyone redecorating in a contemporary style! Contemporary interior design focuses on simplicity and balance. Neutral, black and white tones feature heavily in contemporary decor to bring a fresh and timeless appearance to any space.

A feature wall of sliding wardrobes is the perfect way to incorporate a contemporary style and storage into your bedroom. With a choice of 46 door panels in the Linear range, you can choose a complementary neutral colour or incorporate a vibrant hue into the design through your wardrobe. Kicking back to Art Deco roots, you can even choose multiple colours in board and glass for a unique combination.

Linear range highlights: 

🔸 Our most affordable and versatile collection
🔸 Choice of 46 panels, 8 frames and 8 door styles
🔸 Black, White, Brown & Glass colour options

Design your own contemporary wardrobe doors

Contemporary wardrobe designs

3. If you want high glamour….

Hollywood Glamour Home Design board

…Check out the Monaco Range!

If you like your bedroom interior to be as glamorous as you are, then the Monaco wardrobe range is for you! Hollywood Glam inspired interior is all about bold statements, luxurious colour palettes and texture combinations, from velvet through to high gloss and metal pieces.

With the Monaco range you can find the optimal colour palette to suit your style and stick to complementary shades. Brown can make this design style warm and inviting, whilst dark hues can add a touch of luxury. With the option of a white or aluminium frame with the Monaco doors, your wardrobe can seamlessly blend into your bedroom space.

Monaco range highlights: 

🔸 Fineline, wideline and mirror doors
🔸 Choice of 45 panels, 2 frames and 8 door styles
🔸 White, Grey, Brown & Bronze colour options

Design your own glamorous wardrobe doors

Monaco wardrobe door Hollywood Interior Design


4. If you love the minimalist look…

Minimalist Home Design board

…Check out the Metro Range!

If you think beauty is in simplicity, then the Metro sliding doors will work great for your interior space. With Minimalist interior design, less is more, and this is perfect for making small bedrooms appear bigger. By using concise and basic colour schemes and one geometric shape, minimalist interiors never go out of style.

Metro sliding doors are made with high grade Anodised Aluminium frames and gorgeous high gloss safety glass. A polished and sophisticated combination, you can have mirror wardrobes from floor to ceiling or vamp it up with premium glass in Purple hues, Starlight Black or Metal Greys.

Metro range highlights: 

🔸 A highly modern design with a slimline 12mm profile
🔸 Choice of 28 panels and 4 door styles
🔸 Standard, Premium and Satin Glass colour options

Design your own minimalist wardrobe doors

Metro Range Minimalist Interior Design Inspiration


5. If you have an eclectic style…

Eclectic Home Design board

…Check out the Eclipse Range!

If you love to mix textures, styles, eras and colours then you have an eclectic design style! With eclectic interiors you never know what you’re going to get, and so homes that embrace this style of interior design are truly unique. Colours and patterns often contradict each other, yet harmonise beautifully through functional and well-balanced furniture.

The Eclipse range offers a versatile range of colour panels, from soothing Blues and Greys to cool Whites or even Deep Purple. For those whose style is trend-led, this collection also offers a beautiful Soft Green glass that matches the Pantone Colour of the year for 2020 – Bleached Coral. With 8 different door types available in this sliding wardrobe range, you can mix and match colours and textures to best complement your eclectic style.

Eclipse range highlights: 

🔸 Modern materials and soothing colours that work together
🔸 Choice of 45 panels and 8 door styles
🔸 Soft Colours, Woodgrain & Premium Glass options

Design your own eclectic wardrobe doors

Eclectic Interior wardrobe designs

6. If you love Architectural details….

Icon door range inspiration board

…Check out the Icon Range!

If you’re inspired by art nouveau styling and love the little details, the Icon sliding doors will complete your interior design perfectly! By opting for an authentic style you can create a calm and tranquil living space through visual and textural balance. Signatures in this design style included nature-inspired motifs, flowing lines and organic textures.

With Icon sliding panelled doors you can design a beautiful backdrop in a range of soothing glass colours and wood-effect panels. Choose from oriental bars and different textures for superior design and produce a clean and uncluttered space. The precise door handle featuring a door-pull channel for easy operation and either mixed colour or single colour door combinations makes the Icon range a fabulous choice.

Icon range highlights:

🔸 Textured wood, gloss and satin colour palettes
🔸 Choice of 45 panels and 8 door styles
🔸 Black, Red, Neutral, Metallic & Natural Wood options

Design your own bespoke wardrobe doors

Asian inspired wardrobe designs