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DIY bespoke fitted wardrobes are a game changer! Here’s why…

Do you dream of custom fitted wardrobes but have found that installation costs push you way out of budget? Well we have the perfect solution for you – DIY fitted wardrobes!

Whether you’re setting out on your first DIY project or you’re an experienced tradesman, our ranges of self assembly fitted wardrobes are the ideal solution for anyone looking to invest in bespoke fitted furniture.
tool box for DIY installation
DIY wardrobe sliding doors are a fast and stylish way of transforming the look of your bedroom and utilising every inch of storage space you have available. Bespoke fitted wardrobes are a game changer for storage as they can work with any size room, even if you have alcoves or other features that bulky freestanding wardrobes can’t work with.

Here at Slide Wardrobe Direct, we have a modern range of sliding wardrobes that are easy to install. Custom made in the style that you desire and made to measure for the perfect fit, our built in wardrobe kits deliver the highest quality and the best in style!

Why pay for installation costs if you don’t have to

It’s never been easier to find a fitted furniture supplier online so when it comes to choosing new bedroom wardrobes you are spoilt for choice. But as anyone who’s already started searching for the perfect fitted wardrobe can tell you, there is a big difference in service that you need to look out for.
DIY fitted wardrobes with mirror panels
Does the manufacturer charge you for installation or are their wardrobes designed for easy home installation? This difference in service is significant; as installation costs can drive up the price of your new fitted bedroom furniture significantly!

The great news is that you no longer have to go to expensive leading brands for quality, as companies like Slide Wardrobes Direct are meeting the demand for high quality furniture that is expertly designed for easy ‘do it yourself’ home installation. This flexible self assembly service not only keeps costs down for the customer, but makes it easy for everyone to install high-quality, bespoke bedroom furniture.

Not convinced self assembly fitted wardrobes are for you?

Not everyone is convinced by DIY or self assembly projects. This may be due to difficult DIY experiences in the past or as a result of the commonly heard myths that surround ‘do it yourself’ furniture. So here we’re going to bust these myths and show you why self assembly fitted wardrobes are the right choice for you!

❌ Myth: DIY installations are more expensive in the long run
✅ Truth: DIY fitted wardrobes are a financially savvy choice!

Why do people choose DIY? Simply, it’s cheaper. And when it comes to fitted furniture it’s no different. If you don’t have to pay the manufacturer for the labour costs of installing your new wardrobe then the total cost of your new fitted furniture will be significantly cheaper. This is why DIY fitted wardrobes are the perfect solution. They make bespoke wardrobes affordable without compromising on quality.

But if you choose the wrong manufacturer, this might not be the case. Poor quality materials, difficult constructions and a lack of customer support could easily affect the success of your installation and end up costing you more in the long run. So when you’re choosing a wardrobe manufacturer you should look for an experienced company like Slide Wardrobes Direct who provide the following services:

➡  An online designer that visualises your bespoke wardrobe doors with an instant quote
➡  A customer support line to answer any questions you might have during the ordering or installation process
➡  Detailed installation instructions included with every order
➡  On-site manufacturing to ensure quality control is in place.


❌ Myth: You need to be an expert to get good results
✅ Truth: Anyone can install fitted wardrobes with the right manufacturer!

We make sure that every customer gets everything they need for an easy home assembly so you don’t need an expert to do it for you! Once you’ve designed your new sliding wardrobe doors using our simple online tool, we will manufacture your doors to your exact specification and deliver them directly to you as part of a complete wardrobe kit. Each fitted wardrobe kit includes your bespoke wardrobe doors with matching tracks and liners, end panels to match your installation type, soft door closures and modular storage systems where selected. Also included are detailed instructions on how to install it all, so the whole process is straight forward and easy to follow! Our experts are always on hand to answer any questions you might have whilst designing your wardrobe, measuring up or installing your new kit, so you have support every step of the way.

Don’t believe us? Take a look at some of our customer reviews and see what they think about our DIY sliding wardrobe doors!



❌ Myth: It won’t look as good when you do it yourself
✅ Truth: Made to measure furniture guarantees a perfect fit!

Yes it will look good! Our systems are quick and easy to install by a competent DIYer or a carpenter of your choice by following our comprehensive Fitting instructions. One of the best things about fitted bedroom furniture is that it can use every inch of storage space you have available whilst making a beautiful feature in your room. Sliding wardrobe doors fit floor to ceiling and wall to wall, so they are the perfect fit for the space you have. For professional and quality-looking self assembly wardrobes, all you need to do is give us your exact measurements and our expert team will do the rest!

Here at Slide Wardrobes Direct we use quality materials to build our bespoke wardrobe doors which only ever leave our factory once the quality of each product has been approved against our very high standards. What’s more, a ‘do it yourself’ design doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style. Our ranges are available in a wide choice of modern colours, including wood effects and premium glass, with single and multi-colour options so you can make your wardrobe look exactly how you want it to!

Trust us, there’s nothing unprofessional looking about our products – take a look through our wardrobe galleries and see for yourself!


❌ Myth: DIY fitted furniture won’t last
✅ Truth: A bespoke design is a great investment!

All fitted furniture manufactured by Slide Wardrobes Direct is designed and built on-site by our expert craftsman so we can guarantee excellent quality with every order. We take pride in our service, ensuring that all products are built to last so that every homeowner can enjoy their new wardrobes for many years to come. We follow the latest trends with our design options and provide a wide range of bright hues and natural shades, so there’s a wide choice of styles to work with any home improvement project. Our flexible wardrobe interiors are highly adaptable so your DIY fitted wardrobe can function perfectly for children or adults, adapting as you go to create the storage that you need. This makes DIY bespoke fitted wardrobes an amazing long-term investment!

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