Why Choose Bespoke Fitted Wardrobes?

A wardrobe is an essential piece of furniture for any bedroom, so the style you choose is an important decision. Perhaps you’re a new homeowner searching for bedroom furniture or maybe you’ve out-grown your current wardrobe and your clothes are finding home on your bedroom floor or slung over a chair? Or is it simply time to revamp your space and treat yourself?

Whatever your reason for buying a new wardrobe, knowing what space you have available is crucial to the wardrobe buying process. Once you know where it needs to fit, you can start considering what style you want.



6 Benefits of Fitted Bedroom Wardrobes

If you’re deciding between freestanding wardrobes or custom fitted wardrobes, you’re in the right place. Here are our top reasons why bespoke fitted wardrobes tailored to you are the best choice for homeowners looking for new bedroom wardrobes.


1. You’ll get more storage space in your room

Freestanding wardrobes leave unused space that you could be utilising as additional storage, either space up to the ceiling or gaps either side of where it’s situated. In comparison, bespoke bedroom wardrobes are specially designed to fit more in by using every inch of space available. Our made to measure wardrobes fit wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling so they are the perfect fit every time. Our design service makes it easy to design your own.


2. Your clothes will stay organised

Another advantage of bespoke built in wardrobes is that you can design a space that is completely organised and personalised to you. Our flexible interiors are highly versatile so you can build a home for everything, from your clothes and shoes to your bags and bed linen. Shelves and railings can be re-positioned and additional shelving or hanger bars can be added as and when you need them. Most freestanding furniture, in comparison, does not offer this level of flexibility.


3. Enjoy the freedom of a custom designCustom made Linear Bedroom Wardrobes

When you buy freestanding and pre-assembled furniture it can take time to find the right piece. It needs to be the right size and style, and you need to ensure that it will fit your doorways and stairway in order to install it. But with a fitted bedroom furniture that can be easily assembled at home, all of these issues are solved! You can also choose from a wide range of board materials and glass colours so your new custom wardrobe will look exactly how you want it to. This offers design freedom whether you want a glass sliding wardrobe, a walk in wardrobe or a bright feature wall. The choice is yours! Take a look our designer galleries for inspiration.


4. Tailored solutions for awkward spaces

Whilst standard storage solutions only ever provide a close match in fit and style, made to measure furniture is designed to your exact requirements so you can design a wardrobe to fit even the most awkward of spaces. If you have sloping eaves, alcoves or a corner space, you can still create a wardrobe that fits. And when you choose furniture with sliding doors, installation is possible in small areas that don’t have space for traditional doors that open and close.

Here at Slide Wardrobes Direct, our fitted furniture is not only built for style and quality. It is also made for easy installation so every customer can build it themselves at home. With our excellent customer service, helpful guides and customer support line, we promise DIY installation will not be a stressful experience!


5. Fitted wardrobes are a great investment

At a full service wardrobe company like Slide Wardrobes Direct, bespoke fitted wardrobes are designed and built on-site by skilled craftsmen in our East Midlands facility. This means that every order is checked against stringent quality controls to guarantee the highest quality. So our built-in bedroom wardrobes don’t just look amazing, they are also made to last. This makes them a quality investment for any homeowner.


6. Options to work with your budget

A custom design is cheaper than you think. The beauty of a tailored design is that you can balance costs with customisation, so you can stick to your budget whilst building the storage you need. Slide Wardrobes Direct specialise in stylish and affordable wardrobes that don’t compromise on quality. Find out what you get for your money with a bespoke order and design your own online today!


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