Rooms & Uses For Sliding Wardrobe Doors

During a home renovation, décor or style change, sliding doors are often overlooked as a source of storage or as a space-saving facility. Often it is assumed that these doors can only be used in the bedroom or dressing room. In fact, sliding wardrobes are versatile and can be used anywhere in the home to create additional space to complement its surroundings. Let’s take a look at where you could install sliding wardrobe doors.


Depending on the size of your kitchen, it can sometimes be really difficult to fit a good amount of cabinets to house your cookware, staple foods, dinnerware and other essentials. A built-in floor-to-ceiling cupboard with sliding doors can bring a stylish look to your kitchen space whilst providing the most essential space.

Room Divider

Sliding doors don’t have to be used to cover up a storage unit they can be used to separate a room without the excessive cost and intrusive method of building a partition wall. They look amazing, bring light and space to another room when opened, or privacy and seclusion to two rooms when closed.

Home Office

Home offices are often contained in the smallest room of the house, so storage space can be hard to come by. A bespoke storage solution can house all of the important things necessary in a home office whilst encompassing the desk and workspace within the design.

The benefit of using fitted cupboards or wardrobes with a sliding door is that you don’t need the rebated access that a traditional hinged door requires, and they can be tailored to the dimensions of the room. This is especially better for rooms that are awkward in shape to maximise the space that otherwise would be lost with stand-alone units.

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