How to Design Your Own Sliding Wardrobe Doors?

Once you have obtained all the measurements you, and we, need then the fun part starts. Using our online designer tool, you can visually create and customize your sliding wardrobe unit.

Below we have outlined and explained the 7 steps our designer tool will take you through in order to create your sliding wardrobe system. From door panel to interior storage choices, we give you the tools to create a wardrobe that fulfils your expectations. When we promised bespoke, we really meant it!

Start Designing

Step One: Choose Your Door Range

The first thing our designer tool will ask you to do is choose your door range, this is determined mainly by the door frames shape and materials used.

Our range includes 7 modern and elegant handle designs which include Aluminium frames in our Eclipse, Icon, Monaco, Minimalist and Metro.

And Steel frames in the Shaker and Linear Ranges.

When you have selected your style, you may proceed to the other steps which will allow you to customize the features of the wardrobe, including door configuration and colours.

select your sliding wardrobe style

Step Two: Providing Your Measurements

Using our Measuring Guide page, you should have been able to accurately measure the height and width of your space. In this step our designer tool will ask you to supply your height and width measurements. Refer back to our Measuring Guide if you get stuck here. You also have the option at this stage of choosing how many doors your sliding wardrobe unit will have.

Step Three: Choose Your Frame Colour

Here you have the option of choosing your frame and track set colour. It is worth noting that the colour options vary from style to style. With our Eclipse range, for example, you may only choose Anodised Aluminium frames. Other styles such as our Linear range allow you to choose from 8 different colours for the frame and track set.

Step Four: Choose Your Door Panels

Now the part you are really here for: selecting the door panels for your sliding wardrobes. Our designer tool will allow you to select single colour panels or divide them to achieve a number of colours per panel. There are a wide range of colours to choose from; allowing you to create wardrobes that adhere exactly to your specs. If you are struggling to decide on panel colours we have a sample request service. You can choose up to 4 sample colours for £3.00.

Step Five: Provide Your Installation Type

When using our Measuring Guide you should have established what installation type you require. Is it wall to wall? Wall to end panel? End panel to end panel? In this step you will inform our team of your installation requirements so we can ensure you have everything you need.

Step Six: Add or Remove End Panels/ Liners

This step is only important if your installation requires end panels/ liners. If you do not require them you can deselect them and move swiftly onto the next step. If you do, you can add them here and are given the flexibility to change the colour of the end panels/liners.

Step Seven: Add or Remove An Internal Storage System

You are now approaching the home straight. After this step you will have given us all the information for us to create your sliding wardrobe system. If you require an internal storage system it can be added here. We have a variety of options to choose from which incorporate both shelves, drawers and hanging bars. We ask you to be mindful of your door positioning when choosing your interior storage system. Afterall, you don’t want to obstruct the opening of any drawers. If you are opting to not have any internal storage you can remove it here too.

Please note:

The design tool will suggest one interior kit that we know will fit. However, if you require any additional interiors or kits, you can either:

  • Click the “view full range” button
  • Finish your design with or without interiors, add to basket and then click on the “Wardrobe interiors” tab to add any additional interiors or interior components needed.