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Wardrobe Sliding Doors For All Styles and Budgets

At Slide Wardrobes Direct we know that our customers are looking for the chance to be able to complete their room with a touch of their own style and don’t want to have to pay over the moon to achieve that, so that is something that we have built our mission statement around.

All of our sliding door wardrobe systems are made to measure, allowing us to tailor the system specifically to the dimensions and specifications that you have to work with, meaning that you get the perfect fit every time.
Complete with doors, matching tracks, liners and with all collections other than Classic, soft closers to ensure that you not only have a complete solution to sliding wardrobes installed into your home but you have the highest quality product on the market today.

Installation of the wardrobe sliding doors is straight forward, easy to follow and comes complete with instructions, meaning that anyone that knows the difference between a screwdriver and a type measure can complete the installation without a problem, however for those of you that would still like assistance, we are just on the other end of the telephone.

Known for the quality of our product, the expert assistance that we can provide to our customers and our vast selection of customisation options, Slide Wardrobes Direct are the only name that you need to remember when looking to install sliding wardrobes.

Take a look at our collection of wardrobes, all available to fit the space that you have and in the style and colours that will finish off your room with a touch of brilliance.
METRO Wardrobe Collection
Prices From: £555.56
Monaco Wardrobe Collection
Prices From £520
Minimalist Wardrobe Collection
Prices From £515.25
Shaker Wardrobe Collection
Prices From £465.00
Linear Wardrobe Collection
Prices From £413.10
Ellipse Wardrobe Collection
Prices From £668.32
Exclusive Designer Collection
Prices From £785.62

Made to Measure Sliding Doors and Wardrobes

Getting the look that you crave to achieve is as important to us as it is for you and that means that we make sure that we do everything that we can to ensure that we help you with anything that we can during the manufacturing and installation processes, giving you precision measured sliding doors that meet the dimensions that you provide and being there at the end of the other end of the telephone with expert help and advice while you install the wardrobe door kit.

Our wardrobes offer the highest quality in the industry today and as we manufacture all of our products in our own UK factory in Nottingham, we can be certain that your wardrobe doors are approved against our own high standards before they even leave the factory.

Traditional free-standing wardrobes are space consuming and can prove to be a hassle while building them and that means that we want to eradicate the stress of flimsy wardrobes and give you back that often much needed floor space and give you the chance to express yourself fully with sliding wardrobe doors that install your vision into your room.

Monaco Collection

The Monaco collection offers a vast amount of flexibility and versatility, offering you the chance to customise the look of your wardrobe doors from anything a single panel door through to a four door style for those of you that have larger spaces to cover.

Choose from 25 colours and wood grains or make use of the Monaco Fineline or Wideline versions of the collection and create fantastic designs that can instantly become a feature element within any room, whether you choose to contrast the colours from that already in the room or select colours that will blend in with the colour scene to take less focus off the wardrobe as you deem fit.

With a vast amount of styles, colours, textures and designs available, the possibilities are literally endless when it comes to creating your own made to measure slide wardrobe.


Designer Collection

The Slide Wardrobes Direct Designer collection is one of the latest styles that we had added to our growing number of popular wardrobe sliding door collections and with a minimalist aluminium frame combined with a stunning vertical panel design, they truly are breath taking.

Each one of the UK manufactured doors is finished in either high quality designer 3D glass or fake animal skin to offer a real sense of elegance and style, giving you a wardrobe that not only looks like the best quality in the industry today but at a price that you will love to keep secret!

We want you to have control of the look and feel of your sliding doors and that comes as you get the chance to create your own design and colour contrast to achieve the look that you desire for your room, whether that be to stand out from the crowd or be elegantly understated with prestige and quality.

As we know that breaking the mould can be different with some of the more mainstream creations available, the Designer collection is exclusive to SlideWardrobes Direct.

PRICES FROM £760 for a 2 door set including tracks, softcloses, delivery and VAT.


Minimalist Collection

Sliding wardrobe doors don’t have to be about making a big and bold statement all of the time, in fact they can blend in perfectly with the colour scene that you have chosen for your room and our Minimalist collection offers you the perfect opportunity to do that!

Made to your own dimensions, the Minimalist wardrobe doors look fantastic and offer a real understated brilliance to your wardrobe while still having a real quality about them.

Finished with high grade anodised aluminium frames and presenting you with the chance to be able to style your wardrobe doors according to your own style from a variety of glass colours, the Minimalist sliding door collection makes up one of the most popular lines that we offer.

Manufactured in the UK, we see the complete made to measure process through from taking your order to the sending out of your new wardrobe doors, allowing us to deliver the highest possible craftsmanship at a price that you won’t believe.

PRICES FROM £511.50 for a 2 door set including tracks, softcloses, wall & bottom liners, delivery and VAT.


Ellipse Collection

Created from the finest quality anodised aluminium the Ellipse sliding wardrobe collection present a perfectly crafted, yet soft curved profile and the influence of a combination of both classic and the latest contemporary designs is evident from the moment that they catch your line of vision.

Seen as a brilliant addition to any room, the Ellipse collection offer a vast amount of customisation options as you choose between whether to combine some of our coloured glass collection with the stunning wood effect panels that we have to offer, making the Ellipse style your own.

Manufactured within our own UK factory, the Ellipse sliding doors are complete bespoke, giving you a real made to measure service which ensures that you receive the doors to the precise measurements that you supply to use at the time of purchase.

With effortless closing and our soft close system as standard with the Ellipse collection, you can enjoy your new wardrobe knowing that we have created it with precision, quality and beauty and have delivered that to your door.

  • Beautiful curved anodised aluminium frame
  • Huge choice of glass colours
  • Choice of 2 or four panel doors
  • High grade anodised matching top and bottom tracks
  • Ball bearing bottom wheels and spring loaded top rollers for quiet operation
  • Lacobel safety backed glass
  • Manufactured in our factory in Newark, Notts

PRICES FROM £627.20 for a 2 door set including tracks, softcloses, delivery and VAT.


Shaker Collection

Our Shaker Collection offers a stylish and contemporary look and can boast a generous 75mm wide sliding door frame to give you a real sense of quality and design, presenting you with a choice of stunning wood frame finishes from our breath taking Maple, Windsor Oak, Ferrara Oak or Walnut effects.

Giving you a timeless style and robust build, Shaker are one of our most popular sliding wardrobe collections and the quality speaks for itself as you take receipt of your order and instantly recognise the precision and brilliance that our UK based factory have done to make your design become a reality.

The Shaker style collection also comes with matching tracks, something that many other companies fail to offer, giving you a completely flawless finish and a completely rounded finish to a popular option.

  • STEEL frame construction wrapped in four atractive woodgrain colours
  • Robust 75mm wide door rails and stiles
  • Huge choice of glass colours
  • Choice of 2, 3 or 4 panel doors
  • Matching top and bottom track set
  • Ball bearing bottom wheels and spring loaded top rollers for quiet operation
  • Lacobel safety backed glass
  • Manufactured in our factory in Newark, Notts

PRICES FROM £520.20 for a 2 door set including tracks, softcloses, Wall & bottom liners, delivery and VAT.


Linear Collection

The Linear Collection makes perfect use of its clean lines to create a sliding wardrobe that are not only stunning but offer a breathtaking fusion of both traditional and contemporary design, combining steel frames with as many as 5 different finishes and that is before you even decide on whether you would like to personalise your design through choice of glass or wood effect panels.

Created within our UK factory, the Linear Collection offers a diverse selection of varying widths to accommodate for the available space that you have within the room that you are looking to add your storage to, coming in single, double, triple or even 4 door designs.

Each of our fantastic Linear sliding doors offers a generous maximum width of 1160mm and can fill a space as high as 2450mm but combining those generous specifications into one complete wardrobe means that you can span as wide as 4550mm, making it an ideal choice for those of you that are working with a space that spans a considerable distance, something that many of our rivals simply can’t accommodate for.

Made to measure based on the specification that you supply, as well as completely customisable in terms of finish and design, the Linear Collection truly is a fantastic line and with free soft close system included as standard, you get the look and functionality of a world class sliding wardrobe at a price that no one can compete with.

  • STEEL frame construction in silver or four atractive woodgrain colours
  • Huge choice of glass colours
  • Choice of Single panel, 2, 3 or 4 panel doors
  • Matching top and bottom track set
  • Ball bearing bottom wheels and spring loaded top rollers for quiet operation
  • Lacobel safety backed glass
  • Manufactured in our factory in Newark, Notts

PRICES FROM £373.50 for a 2 door set including tracks, softcloses,and VAT.


Classic Collection

The Classic Collection is a great range, allowing those of you that are looking to add a wealth of storage into your room without the need to change the complete look and feel of your bedroom or office, making it a perfect choice for those that are simply looking to reclaim some of that misused floor space.

Stunning quality and the best materials possible make the Classic Collection a very appealing option for many of our customers and we work hard to ensure that we simply can’t be matched on price by anyone when it comes to this level of craftsmanship.

Taking the hassle of trying to match contemporary coloured panels out of the ordering process, the Classic Collection offers a total of 6 wood effect finishes and can be perfectly combined with a mirrored glass door to provide you with a top to bottom mirror that can once again boost the amazing functionality that this range has to offer.

Fashions and trends often change and when looking for a quality sliding wardrobe at a price that you will love, the Classic range offers you a timeless storage solution that will outlast many of the less traditional style wardrobe systems that we have to offer.

  • STEEL frame construction in silver or six atractive woodgrain colours
  • Classic design
  • Choice of Single panel woodgrains or mirror sliding doord
  • Matching top and bottom track set
  • Lacobel safety backed mirror glass

PRICES FROM £315.00 for a 2 door set including tracks, softcloses, wall & bottom liners and VAT.


Sliding Wardrobe Doors - Helpful Information

Finding the sliding wardrobe collection that will best suit both your current décor and style can be a daunting task but here at SlideWardrobesDirect all of our collections are bespoke, being made to measure in our own UK factory and delivered to your door.

We want to make the ordering process as easy as possible, giving you the chance to simply think about the look that you are trying to achieve, providing us with the measurements that you have to work with and then simply waiting for our UK made wardrobe doors to arrive at your door.

We have helped thousands of customers complete their vision and we are ready and willing to help you to achieve that very same fate, so take a look at the fantastic range of sliding wardrobes that we offer, provide us with your measurements and just sit back and relax while our team of expert craftsmen create your wardrobe doors with pride.
Don’t forget to check out the sliding wardrobe storage solutions that we offer too, allowing you to further increase the functionality and storage capabilities that your new wardrobe can offer.

Finally, just so that you know a little more of the benefits that come from having a sliding wardrobe in your home, here are some of the tip advantages that some of our customers have told us about:

  1. Making full use of a space where previously they were hard to use or deflect focus from
  2. Claim back floor space as you take the free-standing furniture out of the room and open up that open feeling
  3. Add a feature and focal point into any room at a quality and price that can’t be beaten
  4. Easily install more storage than ever before with our sliding wardrobe doors installation guide.

For more help and advice on the how to measure your space or anything else, please visit:

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