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End panels and Accessories
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Wardrobe end panels and fitting accessories

End panels matching your sliding wardrobes are available at Slide Wadrobes Direct, as well as a range of fitting accessories to make installing your sliding wardrobe doors a lot easier.

When wall to wall installation of your sliding wardrobes is not possible, the use of an end panel is necessary, our end panels match the colour of your sliding wardrobe frames and wood panel colours.
Other accessories are also available to help with the installation of your sliding wardrobe doors such as height reducing blocks for situations where your ceiling height is over our maximum door opening height of 2450mm, or when the sliding doors are to be installed under a sloping ceiling situation, angled ceiling blocks can be used, allowing to make the most of the available space.

End panel 2550mm x 650mm
Now From £45
Was  £85.00
Extra wall/bottom liners 100mm x 2450mm
Now From £14
Was  £25.00
Angled ceiling blocks
Now From £10
Was  £15.00
Height reducing blocks
Now From £7
Was  £12.00
Now From £2.50
Was  £5.00
Opening Height Reducer
Now From £4
Was  £6.00
Panel Fixing Block
Now From £3
Was  £5.00