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3 SLIDING WARDROBE DOORS, 3 PANEL, MONACO STYLE (opening width 1780mm-3430mm)

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3 door, 3 panel Monaco Style sliding wardrobe door kit

All of the wardrobe sliding doors at Slide Wardrobes Direct are of the utmost quality and with this recent addition to our roster of products; the Monaco Style continues that trend of excellence. Allowing greater flexibility and freedom when it comes to interior design choices, these frames are made from top grade anodised aluminium. Sturdy construction ensures there is no wobble when assembled.
These particular wardrobe doors have 3 panels of equal size and each of the panels is framed by an attractive aluminium decor bar.

Wardrobe interiors need to be purchased separately

Monaco Style Sliding Wardrobe Door - Features:
  • Sturdy Construction
  • Whisper quiet operation
  • Highest quality aluminium frames
  • Range of colours includes -
  • Safety backed glass in all panels
  • FREE soft – close
  • Made to measure and easy to install
  • FREE matching tracks - top and bottom
  • Max  opening height = 2550mm
  • Max opening width = 3430mm
  • Fitting instructions included
3 door kit – Monaco Style includes:
  • 3 Fully assembled doors (made to measure)
  • Track set for top and bottom
  • 3 soft - closes (1 per door)
  • Wall & bottom liners (optional) – Please state preference below
  1. Select the colour of each door
  2. Enter your measurements

OPENING HEIGHT (max 2550mm): Measure your height (floor to ceiling) at 3 places as indicated in our "HOW TO MEASURE" guide

Then enter the LOWEST of those measurements in the OPENING HEIGHT box

Entering the lowest measurement ensures your doors won’t be tight and rub when sliding from one side to the other

OPENING WIDTH: Measure your width (wall to wall) at 2 places as indicated in our "HOW TO MEASURE" guide

Then enter the WIDEST of those measurements in the OPENING WIDTH box

Entering the widest measurement ensures your doors overlap correctly.

3. Let us know if your opening width is between 1780-2750mm or 2751-3430mm as we need to use larger sheets of glass and more materials if your opening width is between 2751mm and 3430mm.

4. Wall and bottom liners ere recommended, but not always needed. Please select YES or NO from the drop-down menu.

The full cost AND SALE DISCOUNTS of your new sliding wardrobe doors can be seen at the next stage when you click “Add to cart”.

 NOTE: The maximum manufactured opening height of your kit is 2550mm. All heights greater than this will need to be reduced to at least 2550mm
Product Code: MONA3P3D
Product Brand: Slide Wardrobes Direct
RRP: £1,655.00
Our Price: £1,320.00

3 SLIDING WARDROBE DOORS, 3 PANEL, MONACO STYLE (opening width 1780mm-3430mm)