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2 PANEL Linear sliding wardrobe, between 2390 and 4555mm wide, 4 doors (2 sections)

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4 door Linear sliding wardrobe door kit – between 2390 and 4555mm wide (2 panels or single panel door option)

The Linear range of wardrobe sliding doors is one of our most popular and with a 2 panel and single panel option now available, its versatility has increased to match some of the other ranges at Slide Wardrobes Direct. An attractive oriental bar divides each of the 4 doors into 2 panels and produces a really classy result.
When it comes to the frames for your wardrobe doors, you have a choice to make. They can be in simple, yet classical silver or you can opt for one of the 4 different wood effect finishes available. There are a couple of oak finishes, as well as maple and walnut.
This is a 4 door kit, so if you wish, you can select a different colour for each door, provided that each panel within each door is the same colour. Alternatively, if you have a predetermined colour scheme in your bedroom, you may wish to have all doors the same colour.
With a variety of colour options available, there is plenty of scope to discover something you will fall in love with. We have made the process of ordering as simple and as quick as possible (see below). However, if you need answers to any questions you might have about our sliding wardrobe doors you can call us on 01636 671177. (During office hours)
We also have a range of wardrobe storage solutions should you wish to learn just what you can achieve with your available storage space.

4 door kit contents:
4 fully assembled sliding wardrobe doors, FREE soft - Close,
Top & bottom tracks,
Wall liners and bottom liners (optional). 

  1. Make frame colour selection
  2. Select the colour of each door (all 2 panels on each door should be the same colour)
  3. Enter your measurements

OPENING HEIGHT (max 2450mm): Measure your height (floor to ceiling) at 3 places as indicated in our "HOW TO MEASURE" guide

Then enter the LOWEST of those measurements in the OPENING HEIGHT box

Entering the lowest measurement ensures your doors won’t be tight and rub when sliding from one side to the other

OPENING WIDTH: Measure your width (wall to wall) at 2 places as indicated in our "HOW TO MEASURE" guide

Then enter the WIDEST of those measurements in the OPENING WIDTH box

Entering the widest measurement ensures your doors overlap correctly.

5. Wall and bottom liners are recommended, but not always needed. Please select YES or NO from the drop-down menu.

6. Let us know if your opening width is between 2390-3660mm or 3661-4550mm as we need to use larger sheets of glass and more materials if your opening width is between 3660mm and 4550mm.

7. There is an option for plain doors (single panel with no divisions) please select Yes to single panel option if you want each door to be plain (in one single panel) or NO if you want each door being divided into 2 panels

8. The full cost AND SALE DISCOUNTS of your new sliding wardrobe doors can be seen at the next stage when you click “Add to cart”.

 NOTE: The maximum manufactured opening height of your kit is 2450mm. All heights greater than this will need to be reduced to at least 2450mm
Product Code: LINE4D
Product Brand: Slide Wardrobes Direct
RRP: £1,256.00
Our Price: £968.00

2 PANEL Linear sliding wardrobe, between 2390 and 4555mm wide, 4 doors (2 sections)