About Us

Our History

Slide Wardrobes Direct started life as a company called Heritage Cabinet Makers back in 1997. Initially the company’s main role was to design and manufacture kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and even studies. From 1999 we gained several prestigious contracts, supplying kitchens and bathrooms for renovated buildings in the Lace Market area of Nottingham. Private contracts also started to flood in and many full house refurbishments were commissioned.

As a result we have a wealth of experience in not only the construction industry but also all aspects of furniture manufacturing. We take pride in every element of the business, with quality design and manufacture being our primary focus. Using the latest state of the art components we make great effort to implement the use of Eco friendly and sustainable wood sources as well as veneering work.

Company Progression and Evolution

In 2008, we decided to launch Slide Wardrobes Direct (www.slidewardrobesdirect.co.uk) as a natural progression from Heritage Cabinet Makers. The aim was to provide everyday customers with the opportunity to purchase high quality bespoke fitted bedroom furniture at prices that were affordable.

Customers are now able to buy made to measure sliding wardrobe doors and interiors. The product is designed not only with high quality and value in mind but also with a simplicity not often found in the industry. We believe that anyone with relatively competent DIY skills will be able to fit our wardrobe doors without any difficulty.

Since the inception of Slide Wardrobes Direct, we have designed, manufactured and delivered thousands of sliding wardrobe door systems, each one uniquely designed to the specification of the client. Each client order is treated personally and with a care and attention that is second to none.

We are constantly innovating and producing new, luxurious yet practical designs that will look fantastic in any bedroom.

We are based on factory premises in Newark, Nottinghamshire and each of our customers’ orders is skilfully crafted on site and with a stringent quality control system in place, we ensure that each and every order is delivered in perfect condition.

Product Confidence and Quality

If you want to see our products first hand before you commit to a purchase, we have a showroom you can visit, where every wardrobe door style will be on display for your viewing. In terms of sheer choice, we are an industry leader, with a huge selection of door styles and colours.

We also offer comprehensive support systems via phone and email, so you should always be able to reach us for more information. We can also ensure that the majority of our made to measure orders will be delivered to your home within approximately 2 weeks, which makes our order-delivery turnaround quicker than many other suppliers.